We are passionate about technology

Technology that matters!

Sure, we are intrigued by engineering problems. We are engineers!
Yes, we like to explore new coding concepts.
Yes, we are continuously investigating new server technologies.
Yes, we are keenly aware of the latest trends in massively scalable data storage architectures.
That doesn't drive us. What drives us is building compelling technology that gets used. Technology that affects millions of people everyday. Technology that matters.


Some of the technologies we enjoy (accompanied by some icons that have very little to do with anything and that change color for no reason!):


On the server side we are a Ruby on Rails and Java shop, with our apps running on Linux, and written by a group of test-infected agile practitioners that live and breathe Test-Driven Development.

Client Side

We make extensive use of Javascript and our goto library is jQuery. It's not complicated.

Business Intelligence

We have data, lots of data. For pure play business intelligence we use Tableau, and we also allow clients to embed parameters for external analytics e.g Google Analytics.

Data Centers

We have three data centers and take security very seriously. We have 1000+ servers and world-class iron. We are ISO 27001 and gCloud IL2 certified.


Our server infrastructure uses blade technology, VMware for server virtualization, and we maintain 4 near-replica environments.


We use a variety of monitoring technologies leveraging SNMP and we make widespread use of Nagios with external monitoring hubs on the east and west coasts of the US.


"As I coder I want user stories so that we spend more time doing than writing." Oh, and we manage those stories in Jira.


We have a team dedicated to test automation and we use a variety of automation tools including Cucumber, RSpec, and Selenium running on Jenkins.


We develop on MacBook Pros, or Linux laptops if you prefer that sort of thing. We use Git for source control. We participate in Hackathons and host meetups.


We keep track of funny stuff people say. Here are a few quotes from our quote wall:

Our Process

In a word: agile.
In more words:
Scrum, test-driven development, continuous integration, user stories, collective code ownership, small releases, sustainable pace.

Fast Facts

Some interesting facts about our technologies:
  • Our technologies are used in more than 15 countries and in 12 languages
  • Over 80 million engaged and informed citizens regularly receive communications from our ecosystem
  • We have over 1,000 public sector customers at the national, regional and local level
  • Our customers include some of the most well known government institutions on the planet
  • We send over two billion electronic communications a quarter
  • We are stable, thriving and have been in business for more than a decade
  • We have around 250 employees
  • Our technical team is centered in St Paul, Minnesota
  • We are a 100% cloud-based multi-tenant solution
  • We power government communications via email, social media, text messaging, and voice

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